Monday, September 5, 2016


Hey guys!
I know I've been quite lazy with blogging but so many things have changed in my life in these past 6/7 months you can never imagine. As you might already know I moved to Finland from Italy, and I'm actually working as an au pair but planning the next year to continue my studies here. Life here is so different, I can really feel the change from the first day I moved because every day I have something to do, I hardly get bored here and that's amazing. In these past months I've been visiting all the most hidden corners of Helsinki and I realized how many beautiful places you can find in it. You can literally move from the city centre to the nearest islands in 10 min by ferry boat or even by car! so if you're planning a trip here, let me know, I'd be glad to help you out :)

I decided to re-start to write here because I wanted someone to share my experiences with and because I almost forgot how it feels to have a blog, taking pictures, editing them and posting them. Not only I'd like to start again with but also write something more here and not only outfits and that kind of stuff. So, returning to my au pair thing:

How did I do it? how did I move abroad and why did I choose to become an au pair?

This is what people ask me sometimes. Well, it's not so hard to answer. I always had the dream to move in Finland since I was a kid as my mother is finnish and I spent a big part of my childhood here. Good memories, nice people and beautiful almost surreal places in the middle of the nature, that is what Finland means to me. So, my plan was to finish the high school (which I did in June 2015) and then try to find a work here instead of starting the University in Italy as the majority of my friends did. That actually meant I had to move alone, in a big city without my family or friends. I think this was one of the most important decisions I ever took in my life and actually one of the BEST too. Living alone has its positive sides: you automatically become indipendend and responsible, because you have to do all by yourself and build yourself a second "home"since your real one is miles away from you. But also its negative sides which, in my opinion, regard only the first period you moved. For example the fact that everything you were used to, changes, and it will be new. Some things will never be the same as before. And it's hard to say goodbye to all the people you were used to have around.
I had to find a job, a place to stay and as everyone knows it's not that simple. That's why I first chose to become an au pair. Being an au pair means that you're gonna stay in a family you don't know, so you have food and an accomodation for free as if you were a real member but in exchange you need to help them with their kids and normal house chores, like a sort of a nanny. You have a monthly salary (or pocket money) that you can spend however you want. It's like having a second family. So I thought this was the best way to familiarize with the city and everything without being entirely alone in the first period, and it is. I'm currently staying in a sooooo nice family and they treat me in a lovely way and I feel so blessed and lucky to have had my first experience abroad with them and that's why I'm very thankful. Six or more months have passed and I'm still here, full of dreams, plans for the next year, like continue my studies here. It wont be easy but I have to do it and I will do it. Sometimes I think how it would be now if I never decided to leave Italy. Probably still thinking about what to do with my life.
Who knows? you'll never know what to expect from life because once you make a big decision, this might completely change your life.

If you're still thinking about moving abroad alone, take under consideration these few things:

• You'll be exposed to a different culture/language from yours but don't worry, you´ll get used to it
• You'll have to meet new people and make new friends but that's easy if you're working or studying
• Be prepared to change your routine, you'll have new schedules, duties etc.
• Even if you hate your hometown so bad, you´ll still miss it, like you'll miss your family/friends and even speaking your native language. But that's normal, you can deal with it and the more time passes, the more you'll get used to the changement.

But remember...whatever you decide to do with your life, think about it by yourself and don't let the others influence your plans. Just find your happiness :)

ps: Do you have any questions or doubts regarding au pairing? you can freely contact me on my socials or simply by e-mail at: and I'll be glat to answer you :) x

Töölönlahti, May 2016


  1. So amazing to hear your experience Helena! Such a courageous and worthwhile step - I really commend the big move as I don't think i could ever do it! Au pairing in Finland is enough to have me sold though ;)

    1. Aw dear! how are you?
      Thanks for the nice words <3
      Helena x