Thursday, September 22, 2016


Hey guys! I'm back with a new post :)
It's that time of the year when the weather is getting colder and the trees are starting to paint themselves in yellow and orange shades.
To "celebrate" this changing of season I decided to write a post about the things I consider a "must" for this season, so let's take a look at what you can find in my closet! x

ps: many of you have asked me if all the pics I post here are taken by me, the answer's YES I take all the pics, edit them (If I need to) and post them here.

Sweaters. These are pretty much easy to style and wear in this season especially if you want to avoid wearing a jacket but still don't want to feel cold. I usually start buying some sweaters at the end of the summer when you can find them on sale almost everywhere, They're perfect for winter too just adding a coat.

One thing I recenlty got obsessed with are stripes. As you can see I'm showing in the picture two different versions of a striped shirt. The one on the left is just a basic t-shirt that I bought from Zara and to be honest I really like it because I can match it with everything (I usually wear it with my copper red bag that you'll see later). On the other side there's a more "elegant" version of the striped shirt. I usually match it with a blazer or just a coat if the weather's colder. 

I could not include the classic leather jacket! As I always say the leather jacket is known to be versatile because you can always use it in many ways and I had the same leather jacket for 5 years and it's still good enough! I totally fell in love with a leather jacket I saw at Zara, it comes in this gorgeous shade of red (cool for Autumn!!) and the model looks perfect. Here it is:

You can shop it HERE

This is one of my fave watches and I had a really good experience with this swedish brand, called "Regal", I'm not 100% sure if this brand sells only watches or other kind of jewelry but the only thing I can say is that they have a giant variety of watches, it was so hard to choose just one and that's why I decided to go for the simpler one because it's easier to style with every outfit.

What about the make up? I usually like to wear mainly nude/brown/gold shades for this season (and for summer as well) because these colors are not too striking. 
As you can see in the pic above there are some products (blush and powder) by Essence which I think it's pretty ok as a brand (and cheap).

I absolutely love these two matt lipsticks from Wycon that I bought in Italy last summer. They're pretty cool and they have a creamy texture.

Talking about face products I recently was thinking about buying myself some Tea Tree Oil which seems to be very effective on the skin if you have some breakouts like I do. I went to Body Shop and I found an aswer: this "Skin Clearing Facial Wash" made of natural ingredients and of course Tea Tree Oil (you can find it by clicking here)

Tea Tree Oil has a lot of benefits, here are some:

♥ Helps reducing Skin Acne
♥ It's a good nourishing product for your hair
♥ Relieves razor burns
♥ Treats infections and skin cuts

for more infos click here 

This is actually one of the best bags I've ever bought, I really like it because the size is perfect and also the color is amazing in summer or autumn. It has some golden details

I also decided I needed a more casual bag, just in case I want to carry some books or my notebook to the library for example and so I got this from a local store.

Last but not least... BOMBER JACKET!
this has probably been the most purchased item of this year. It has been a trend in the 90's but it was originally created for military pilots (that's why it's also called flight jacket). I pair it with my white Nikes and it looks pretty good on everything! 

I got this one from Zara, you can find it here.

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