Friday, May 16, 2014


Hey everybody! how are you?
Yesterday was very sunny so I decided to take some pics with a new outfit.
This time I'm wearing an awesome crop top got from I really love it because it's not one of those tight crop tops, in fact it fits perfectly and I like the lace border. It can be matched with every kind of clothing. I wore it with a pair of high waisted shorts. I would like to post the link but actually it's out of stock.
Hope you will like it! xx
ps: finally is summer and i love the shade of this pics!


Friday, May 9, 2014


Hey everybody!
New outfit this week. Finally summer is coming and it starts to get warmer every day so I can find some time to take photos. This outftit is very simple, I didn't want to add jackets or something extra because I think that "less is more".

So, I'm wearing a simple white shirt and black velvet leggins. I love these leggins because they're made of soft velvet and they're very comfortable. I liked the fact that the knees are uncovered. Actually I put tights under the leggins because I like the "meshed" effect on that part. Anyway the shirt and leggins are from (Shirt HERE ; Leggins HERE)
Well, I think there's nothing else to say about this outfit, so I hope you will like it!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

The most inspiring bloggers I got to know through

Hey guys!
Today I woke up with the intention to write a post about my favourite bloggers because it's just thanks to them that more than a year ago I decided to create a blog, so they are the main source of inspiration for me.
It may sound stupid but every time I take a look at their blog I have a very positive feeling that I actually can't explain. Hope you will like this post even if it's a little bit different from the others, but a lot of times people ask me where does my inspiration come from, well, I will show you. xx

One of the first bloggers I started to follow when I subscribed to is Luanna Perez, as known as "Lua P.", founder of her blog: LEHAPPY .
I love every single outfit she posts. Her style is a mix between grunge, gothic, vintage and many others that's why I think that she deserves all the success she had because she's original and her blog too. When she posts a new outfit I look at every detail and think "that's not bad, I would wear it". The fact that she buys a lot of clothing from thrift stores makes me think that it doesn't matter how much do you spend on a garment, it's how you match it that makes the difference. You can make an item look expensive even if you paid it 10$.

ps: she has the most stunning shoes ever!


The second best blogger ever is Violet E. with her blog: V.E.
She has a different style from Luanna because her style is more concentrated on gothic, punk and grunge pieces. She matches often total black outfits (which I love). The main thing I love about Violet is that every outfit fits perfectly to her. She wears what she is and what music she listens to. Her blog is totally different from the oher "fashion blogs" because it's not only about fashion but she tells her story and feelings through her photographs, and most of them are breathtaking.


Then there's Lina Tesch aka "Anila" on LB. She's from Germany and she's a real beauty. Unfortunately she hasn't a fashion blog so I will link you her profile on lookbook HERE. She's a photographer and this is her wonderful blog: HERE 
I love so bad her outfits because she can match different kind of clothes together. I suggest you to visit her lookbook profile because she's so inspiring and you will remain speechless.


One of the bloggers I follow from the start is NΓΌn Visitsak, from Thailand. She's original and creative in every outfit. She opened an online store ( and you can find her on facebook HERE
I always loved her personality because she shares everything with her followers and she's ready to answer to everybody. She inspires me because every time I look at her blog I think: "Wow, she looks so self confident" I love the way she poses in her photos. 


Then there's Vu Thien, from Vietnam. This is her stunning blog BLOODY ROSES.
When I first discovered her on lookbook I thought that her style is very similar to Violet E. But then, I noticed that there's something different that makes it unique. I love her photos and the locations she chooses for every outfit. She's a perfect source of inspiration for those who love grunge and gothic. I definitely would buy everything she wears.

(it was hard to choose just one pic)


Last but not least, Jenn Potter from Argentina. Her blog is simply gorgeous, (JENNPLAYSGUITAR). 
I'm literally in love with her gothic style and her hair, she's perfect in every pic.
She makes every garment look beautiful and original. 
I love the way she poses and matches some girly clothes with gothic elements.


So guys, hope you liked this post because I had fun to write it and hope it helped you a little bit.