Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi everybody!
I'm officially on holidays now!
I'm writing from South Italy, from a small hot city with a gorgeous sea. Every day I realize how is beautiful to travel and discover new places (even if it's not the first time I'm here) so I'm literally enjoying my vacation after this long and hard period of school! I also got very tanned haha
By the way today I found some time to shoot a look. I'm wearing a total black outfit (yes, I made a mistake, it was way too much hot!). I found that wonderful meshed top in a store called "Low" for only 5€, I was so happy about the purchase. I matched it with black leather shorts and a hat.
The thing I like most about this look is the location. If you're following me on Instagram you might saw a couple of pics taken here. I like the minimalist design of this house, I wish I lived in a place like this because I find it very inspiring. Love the contrast of green and white. Anyway I'm going to post some pics about it at the end of the post.

(don't know why here I look pale)