Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My way of wearing clothes.

I want to write about my style, 'cause some people ask me how I would describe it...
Uhm, this is not so simple 'cause I take a lot of  inspiration from other people, but I can say that it's a mix of grunge, goth and 80's. I really love it and I think it's a good way to show my personality. 
I don't have a giant wardrobe, but I'm good at matching up some clothes with others. Sometimes I find strange stuff around home and I think if it would be useful in my wardrobe!

Well, now I want to post some of my pics with the relative outfits. I personally think they communicate something about me, hope you like 'em!

This look is so simple, acid washed jeans, dip-dye shirt and accessorizes like a beanie or round sunglasses!

This is a strong outfit, striped pants, oversized denim jacket and black boots, wow!

Just a simple military jacket and black shorts!

Well,that's all! hope this post will inspire someone :)


  1. The second outfit is definitely my favorite ! love it