Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gothgothgoth !

Hey everybody!
You know, I'm addicted to dark colors and I just wanted to show you my last purchase by H&M. I bought it a week ago, when I went to Ikea to buy some boring stuff with my family. After the "exciting" tour between sofas and beds I had the extraordinary idea to go to the shopping centre near there, and there I found my love ♥
You have to know I'm seriously SICK of H&M and each time I go there my friend has to stop me 'cause I'm gonna have an heartattack: the girls like me know the feeling! but, well, I guess this doesn't interest you :D I'm gonna post some pics I took to show you the shirt I bought and I think it's one of the essentials items that represents my style!

ps: I wasn't able to rotate the last pic, I don't know why, It doesn't work.


  1. Wow, it's fantastic ! I really love your style !! <3 <3