Monday, September 7, 2015


Hey guys!
As you all know, this is the month where we hardly have to say goodbye to summer and welcome to the fresh air and rain but of course there are some exceptions depending on where you live.
Well in Italy the month of September has almost no difference with August so the warm weather and the sun will continue to hit us.

I recently became a "fan" of white, I mean, my entire wardrobe has always been black/grey and that might sound impossible to believe but YES, I'm finally starting to accept the fact that there are other beautiful colors than just black (but this doesn't mean you'll see me wearing bright pink or light blue haha). I love neutral colors, like black and white together are the most beautiful match in the world, black and beige or white and nude too.

The dress I'm going to show you in this pics is literally one of my favs, the combo of white and mesh texture in the right places are just heaven, love it!

If you like the dress (c'mon is there someone who doesn't?) you can find it on by clicking HERE  and the best part is that it's sooo cheap :)


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